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Work in progress The Hackerspace Gent Manual describes how to use commonly used space infrastructure.


Page naming convention: For infrastructure projects (manual) pages describe usage in easy-to-understand terms. Technical project documentation has only the project name as the title without (manual).

Schedule events and meetings[edit]

Event and meetings can be scheduled on the Spacehub "Events" tab. Ask Event editor credentials from Bloemist to create and edit events. Make a meeting pad with topics at Pads and add the url to the meeting form so our Mattermost bot can announce meetings with the !meetings command.


We have several communication channels, each with a different purpose:

Internal, aimed towards members:

  • Mattermost: Chat client for members/regular visitors/friends. Set-up by Merlijn.
  • Pads: Cooperative note taking by members for meetings, discussions, proposals. The url's to these pads are announced on mattermost. Set-up by Bloemist.
  • Wiki: Internal documentation aimed at members. Editable by everyone, set-up by Bloemist.
  • 0x20 Github: Source code and versioned documentation such as Hack the Hackerspace. Managed by A bunch of people.

External, aimed towards non-members:


  • IRC: replaced by Mattermost.
  • 0x20 blog: NOSTALGIA WARNING replaced by landing page.