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Main Information channels:

   Mailing list: reaching non-regulars, announcements
   Mattermost: day to day communication/discussion
   Landing: documentation to outsiders
   Wiki: documentation to insiders

Who to talk to for infrastructure questions:

   Spacecontrol: Koen
   Flappers  / 3D printer: Sasja
   Websites / RFID door / Spacebar: Bloemist
   Mattermost: Merlijn
   Gatekeeper: Koen, Bloemist
   Internet / Phones: Qwaxys

Who to talk to for knowledge/experience:

   Evils: Woodworking, electronics, hardware, 3D-printing
   Sasja: Linux, vim, GitHub, Python, 3D-printing, electronics
   Merlijn: Ubuntu, Do-ocracy
   Koen: Java, Linux
   Folkaholic: Foodhacking
   Bloemist: Websites, Webservers, Ui, Python, PHP
   qwaxys: Networks
   Ruleant: Github, Linux
   Superpumpie: Linguistics, Cryptography
   Enzian: Cryptocurrencies

New-Member checklist:

   Register a key in the Doorkeeper (bloemist)
   Make an account in spacebar (bloemist)
   Make an account in mattermost (almost everyone can help)
   Put mobile number in gatekeeper (sasja, koen, bloemist)
   Explain basic infrastructure in the space: Gatekeeper, Doorkeeper, Spacebar, Spacecontrol (any member can help)
   Optional: Make account on spacehub/wiki (go to site, click register)
   Optional: Subscribe to the mailing list