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Welcome to the one and only official documentation-only wiki for

If there is one kind of people who will break rules, its hackers... Therefore, these are a few lines of advice when adding to our wiki. Failure to comply with these pieces of advice will result in devastating disciplinary consequences such as there are: hanging, waterboarding, or the occasional raised eyebrow.

  • Thou shalt be advised not to post anything besides hackerspace-related documentation. Keep it simple & straightforward. This means no fancy business, unneeded images, things that could break over time or flashy unicorn-inducing buttons.
  • Thou shalt be advised not to add to much content that gets outdated easily. Big chunks of code have a place on Github. If you see outdated content; update, mention or remove.
  • Thou shalt be advised not to add info targeting non-regular visitors, we have the landing page for that.

For the numberphiles

This wiki has 2,900 pages, and has survived 9,277 edits. There are 2,831 registered users, 0 of these are fairly active.


Information channels:

   Mailing list: reaching non-regulars, announcements
   Mattermost: day to day communication/discussion
   Landing: documentation to outsiders
   Wiki: documentation to insiders

Who to talk to for projects:

   Spacecontrol: Koen
   Flappers  / 3D printer: Sasja
   Websites / RFID door / Spacebar: Bloemist
   Mattermost: Merlijn
   Gatekeeper: Koen, Bloemist
   Internet / Phones: Qwaxys

Who to talk to for knowledge/experience:

   Evils: Woodworking, electronics, hardware, 3D-printing
   Sasja: Linux, vim, GitHub, Python, 3D-printing, electronics
   Merlijn: Ubuntu, do-ocracy
   Koen: Java, Linux
   Folkaholic: Foodhacking
   Bloemist: Websites, Webservers, Ui, Python, PHP
   qwaxys: Networks
   Ruleant: Github, Linux
   Superpumpie: Linguistics, Cryptography
   Enzian: Cryptocurrencies

Old wiki

The old, mostly broken wiki can be found here.
Don't copy anything over unless it's relevant, up to date and will be used again.