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= Connection to internet =
= Connection to internet =
==ISP: Telenet==
Currently we have Business Fibernet 200.
Currently we have Business Fibernet 200.

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This page was created for the sole purpose of creating clarity in the networking thingies at 0x20.

Connection to internet


Currently we have Business Fibernet 200.

We get: 200 Mbps down, 25 Mbps up and 3TB per month.

All ports are open except the following:

TCP port 25
TCP/UDP port 53
TCP/UDP port 135
TCP/UDP port 137 – 139
TCP/UDP port 161 – 162
TCP port 445
TCP port 1080


Payment: automatic

Mijntelenet login: ask User:qwaxys

Wireless België

We also have a connection to the wireless België network.


You can find all details on github.

Slightly outdated visual representation: https://cdn.rawgit.com/0x20/spacenetwork/master/spacenetwork.svg?v2