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<< Newline2020

The space isn't enough for Newline, so we need to find some neighbors who don't mind we use their room for day/weekend

Below a list of rooms that were contacted.

  • 1.07 & 0.14 will email us (info @ hsg)
  • 1.10 We should email beginning of March (ask qwaxys for the email)
  • 1.29 pending, ask Miker for update
  • 1.31 1.32 Said no
  • 1.35D to contact, open every Monday and Friday at 20h
  • 1.36B Said no
  • 1.46 Zen: qwaxys should email (hasn't done so)
  • 1.50 pending. Probably no. They will ask main office in NL
  •  ?.?? Puzzle escape: should mail daphne@...

Next door neighbors (trough blue gate)

We can't use the passage for a tent or anything else.

The video club is retiring end of December.

The cinema room will be restored to an empty hallway again :(

There might be a new tenant, should check beginning of December with their landlord (ask qwaxys for the email/phone)