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Power is part of core infrastructure. This core infrastructure should enable making projects and hacking on those projects and the space itself in all future forms:

  • be it new devices
  • (semi)permanent art/light or other installations
  • a new layout
  • new zones of light
  • ...

Maintenance should be possible on parts of the infrastructure without disabling critical infrastructure.

For example it should be possible to disable the lights and or power sockets in one room without disabling the roof, door keeper, network cabinet (with gatekeeper), etc.

The installation should be legally up to code and separate from any possible (home made) domotica ("space control") systems.

The installation/ updating and remover of said domotica systems should be simplified and happen in a way it should not require changes in the existing breaker boxes.

Power outlets should be plenty available at any place enabling future layouts and projects while reducing the requirement for long extension cables.

Safety should be a main concern in the complete installation.

Adding a second residual-current device in the back room should first of all protect users working on electricity/electronics projects but should also be triggered rapidly when for example cutting trough a power cord by accident with an electrical saw or grinder without interrupting the power in the main room.

Separation of physical and logical locations/devices each on their own separate circuits and breaker should minimize any outages on other circuits.

For example while working on the lights of after tripping the breaker of an outlet the door should till open and the roof should still close.

Current situation

The whole space is on one breaker box.

One residual-current switch (30mA) at the incoming power is hooked up to the rest:

  • 10A breaker: Power sockets back room
  • 10A breaker: Lights backroom
  • 10A breaker: Power sockets front room, ceiling
  • 10A breaker: Power sockets front room, wall
  • 10A breaker: Lights front room

It is unclear to which breakers both roof openers are each connected to.

Proposed future situation

This proposal has been verified by a certified electrical inspector.

Left to right: technical room of the building, front/main room, back room.