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Opening a bar account

If you're a member: ask Bloemist to make you a bar account.

If you're not a member: ask a member to operate the bar and pay with cash/Bitcoin.

Deposit money into your account

We prefer bank transfer over cash because it is more manageable.

  1. Transfer the cash amount of your deposit to the HSG account.

OR if you are truly unable to bank transfer

  1. Put the cash amount of your deposit in the cash boxes under the bar.
  2. Press the deposit button.
  3. Enter amount.
  4. Press your name.

A confirmation message will appear. NOT SURE ABOUT THE ORDER HERE WILL VERIFY LATER.

Ordering and paying

  1. Make sure you have an account if you're member. Visitors pay with cash.
  2. Enter your ordered items by pressing on their buttons.
  3. If you're a member: Press your name and the amount will be subtracted from your bar account.
  4. If you're a visitor/no bar account: Put the cash amount of your order in the cash boxes under the bar. Press "Cash".

The amount is subtracted NOT SURE IF VISITOR SALES SHOULD BE ENTERED INTO SYSTEM. Is there a visitor button?

Pay with Bitcoin

IDK, something something bitkassa

Turn on Spacebar computer

If the screen is off, tap it to activate.

If this does nothing, press the power button. (below the bottom bezel, right most button?)
Power-on takes a while but should show some stuff.

Turn off Spacebar computer

The computer gets turned off as part of the space shutdown.

To turn the computer off manually, try any of these:

  • Exit kiosk mode and shut down via the start menu.
    • Exiting kiosk is done by: TBD
  • Use an alternative terminal and use sudo shutdown
    • ctrl-alt-f1 for example (same with f7 to get back)
  • Hold the power button (see turn on)
  • Unplug either the computer if you find the right plug, or the entire bar