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The Hub is a web-based interface to a lot of otherwise difficult to control hackerspace entities. It is maintained on a personal server by User:Bloemist. The code is not open-source (sorry) because security and 80% of it is system-specific configuration. People who want to add functionality can always contact User:Bloemist.

There were a few guidelines for The Hub:

  • it does nothing really in itself, just some sort of user-friendly api
  • it also shows a bunch of space-related stats & graphs
  • The Hub is non-essential. If it were to disappear nothing else would stop working

Inner Workings

The Hub runs on 2 machines. If you access it from outside the space a VPS serves the 'remote' version. If accessed from the 0x20 network it serves a local version on a pi in the backroom. This is to make sure some things are separated as well as a slightly different way of connecting to devices.


Register your account on the hub trough register.php (only works in the space) and contact bloemist to give you the neccesary permissions.


Spacebot is a user in our Mattermost server that relays some of the information on The Hub to the Mattermost channels. It is very much WIP, so dont be too demanding ;)