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The hackerspace currently has 2 FFF 3D printers available.

A Prusa i3 MK3S+ and a wanhao Duplicator i3.

There is also a stock of Filament available.

Usage Checklist[edit]

To avoid damage when using either machine,
have high confidence that:

  • before warmup:
    • your G-code is sliced for the machine and material you're using.
    • the printer is set to the sheet that will be used on the machine.
    • you're using the right sheet for the material. (no PETG on smooth PEI)
    • there's nothing stuck under the removable sheet. (dirt, filament, purge line, etc)
    • there's nothing on the removable sheet. (previous purge line, old supports, fingerprints, etc)
    • there's nothing blocking the machine movement. (X and Y run clear, filament comes in from the front of the frame)
    • the nozzle is clean.
    • for the wanhao: the bed is leveled.
  • when motion starts:
    • the nozzle stops before it hits the bed.
    • the nozzle is still clean.
    • for the prusa: the bed is leveled.
  • when printing starts:
    • there is enough Z height to not scratch the bed. (not too much squish)
    • no spaghetti / blob forms around the nozzle.
    • the extruder gear doesn't skip / grind on fast sections. (e.g.: second layer infill)
  • when the print is complete:
    • the contact area between the bed and the print is completely cooled before removing the print.
    • you reported any issues that occurred.
    • you paid for the material you used.

Prusa i3 MK3S+[edit]

Bought as a kit with member donations with the intent of having high quality, reliable and easy to use 3D printing available in the space.
Primary contact: Evils


This device is well documented on their website and elsewhere on the internet.
Despite this, use of it is limited to those who have received training on this specific device, by someone who has received training on this specific device.
This is in hopes of informing new users of specific quirks.


People who are able to provide training on using this device include:


We have a smooth and a satin print bed sheet available.
Before starting a print, make sure the printer is configured for the sheet that is on it!

See Prusa's guide on print sheets for an overview and more details.


  • The front right heated bed retention screw's head was stripped during installation.
    • There should be a spare in the spares bag, swap that in if it is ever undone.
  • The minimum size for a stone base seems to be 28*35cm.


There are usually several spools of filament in the hackerspace.


  • Any spool marked with an owner and a price can be used by anyone that pays for the used filament.
  • Any spool not marked with an owner can be assumed to be property of the printer/hackerspace.
    • Any such spool not marked with a price can be used at typical market price for the material.
      • Please mark such spools with the price when you determine one.
    • Pay for usage into the 3D-printer bar account, which can be used to pay for new filament and repairs.
  • Unless marked otherwise, prices are assumed to be per 1000g and must have their unit marked (E.G.: €30).
  • If sealed packaging is marked, make sure to transfer such markings to the spool itself on opening the packaging.
  • Always return remaining filament to a sealed container to prevent moisture uptake.
  • Inform the owner when you use a substantial amount of their spool's filament, or when the filament runs out.
  • The empty spool remains property of the owner unless otherwise marked.
  • Being allowed to use the filament does not include being allowed to use the printer.

Wanhao Duplicator i3[edit]

Owned by Sasja and put in the space to make use available to others.


This device is free to use after receiving training on this specific device from someone who has received training on this specific device.

Always level the bed before a printing session!

This device is fitted with an after-market print sheet similar to Prusa's smooth sheet described in Sheets.
However, due to this sheet being held on by a magnetic sticker instead of magnets in the heated bed,
the maximum allowed temperature is 75°C.
This device accepts the same 1.75mm filament as the Prusa.

Build volume: 200*200*170mm (X*Y*Z)
(Z is limited by the filament's ability to get into the extruder, and some cabling)

The minimum size for a stone base seems to be 41*39cm.


People who are able to provide training on using this device include:


This device is connected to a raspberry pi 4 running OctoPi (a pre-made Raspbian running OctoPrint).
That pi is equipped with a USB controlled relay to switch off power when the printer is not in use.
That relay prevents usage of the machine from its control panel, use http://octopi/

Unattended Operation[edit]

This model of printer is known for spontaneously catching fire,
unattended operation is absolutely not permitted!


  • Reasonably priced automatic fire suppression that won't be triggered by a smoke machine.
  • Indicating desiccant in dust proof packaging for the dry boxes.
  • Draft resistant enclosure(s).
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (for octoprint and integration in the controller enclosure).