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Welcome to the one and only official documentation-only wiki for

If there is one kind of people who will break rules, its hackers... Therefore, these are a few lines of advice when adding to our wiki. Failure to comply with these pieces of advice will result in devastating disciplinary consequences such as there are: hanging, waterboarding, or the occasional raised eyebrow.

  • Thou shalt be advised not to post anything besides hackerspace-related documentation. Keep it simple & straightforward. This means no fancy business, unneeded images, things that could break over time or flashy unicorn-inducing buttons.
  • Thou shalt be advised not to add too much content that gets outdated easily. Big chunks of code have a place on Github. If you see outdated content; update, mention or remove.
  • Thou shalt be advised not to add info targeting non-regular visitors, we have the landing page for that.

Hackerspace Gent Manual[edit]

Work in progress Want to use the beamer? Turn on some music or the power?
The Hackerspace Gent Manual page includes instructions for commonly used infrastructure in the space.


Never been to the space? Great, we like new visitors. Here's how to get in:

  • find our location, and make sure to watch the video
  • have a look at Gatekeeper, it will help you getting in on thursdaynights
  • consider saying hi on the mailing list first
  • its always a good idea to bring something to do, your laptop or your pet project
  • come alone and make sure you are not being followed

Old wiki[edit]

The old, mostly broken wiki can be found here.
Don't copy anything over unless it's relevant, up to date and will be used again.

For the numberphiles[edit]

This wiki has 2,901 pages, and has survived 9,295 edits. There are 2,831 registered users, 0 of these are fairly active.