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Current idea: a PCB somewhat similar to the GameBoy Advance that acts as a shield for the TTGO T-Display

Why? Because for a small batch this will be the easiest to produce. We'll do the soldering ourselves. It also gives you the option to recycle the ESP instead of being stuck with our badge.

Contact qwaxys for questions.

He'll inform with to see if we can run their firmware.

We'll help:

- Anus ( 
- Renze ( 

Jasper is creating the first version of the PCB.


- qwaxys
- you?
- 0x20?

Current target is 50 pieces to hand out for free.

First PCB will have touch buttons, a piezo buzzer, some LED's and a connector for the MFRC522 (over I2C)

Getting started? The ESP module is available on Aliexpress and Amazon