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From your device over Bluetooth[edit]

Note: the PhilipsBT device connection is a bit wonky sometimes.

  1. Bluetooth Pair your device with the PhilipsBT which is a black hockey puck attached/dangling somewhere under the bar. Press its only button in order to perform this pairing (the indicator led will flicker). You usually need a lot of retries.
  2. Start playing music on your device.

Normally that is all, if it does not play check the channel selector:

Set channel selector[edit]

  1. On the channel selector (the black box with rotary switch attached under the bar) make sure the flip switch is up.
  2. On the channel selector turn the volume about halfway.
  3. On the channel selector search for the right channel by turning the knob until you hear music.
  4. See #That didn't work for me if that didn't work for you.

From the smartphone taped to the bar[edit]

  1. Make sure its 3.5mm AUX mini jack is plugged in.
  2. Start up the phone and let it play some music from your favorite service.

If not playing:

  1. Set channel selector as above. See #Set channel selector.

From your device using 3.5mm AUX mini jack[edit]

  1. Take the mini jack out of the smartphone taped to the bar and plug into your device.
  2. Plug back into the smartphone taped to bar when you're done.

If problems:

  1. Check channel selector as above. See #Set channel selector.

From the Chromecast[edit]

  1. Make sure the beamer is on, the sound passes through that.
  2. Cast to the Chromecast using the Chrome browser: How to cast help page.
  3. Rest is same as above.

That didn't work for me[edit]

  1. Check the speaker amplifier, usually the amplifier itself should never be touched. Is it on? Is the volume about halfway? Set to AUX?
  2. Consider reading the #Troubleshooting: Detailed Instructions
  3. Oh darn, something's broken and there's nothing else you can do, you'll have to trace the audio path from source to speaker. Regardless if you manage to fix it, consider drop a word about it on Mattermost.

Passive Pre-amp[edit]

Yea, it's a misnomer...

Troubleshooting: Detailed Instructions[edit]

  1. Don't touch the amplifier.
  2. Connect analog audio to channel selector. That is the black box under the bar countertop (near the phone, left of the spacebar display).
    1. Make sure the source (i.e. your phone) is outputting.
    2. Make sure to use an input.
      • the first 5 RCA stereo pairs are inputs (left to right, as seen from the back)
        • rotary switch (chickenhead) all the way to the right (as seen from the front) is off
          inputs 1-5 from there to the left (clockwise)
        • red is always the right signal
  3. With the volume knob set to an appropriate level, try all rotary switch positions.
    1. If nothing comes out of the speakers, toggle the middle switch and try again.
      1. If still nothing, retry from step 1, once.
  4. Check that the amplifier is on.
    1. Check that the cable to the amplifier got disconnected, reconnect it if it is.
      • Touching the connector will introduce a convenient noise signal which can confirm the wire is connected to the amplifier.
        • This should be safe
  5. Ask for help.
  6. Report the problem on Mattermost.
    1. Give up.
  7. Make your own music.