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A list of where Newline 2020 posters are present:[edit]

  • Brucon, Revspace and VoidWarrenties by qwaxys
  • awesomespace by benadski
  • bitlair by eightdot (maybe hack42)
  • Hackerspace tour by Lisa & qwaxys
    • Level 2, hackerspace Luxembourg
    • Chaosstuff, C3L. The Luxembourg chapter of CCC
    • Hacksaar in Saarbrücken
    • Entropia in Karlsruhe
    • Shackspace, Stuttgart
    • Infuanfu, Stuttgart
    • CCCAC, hackerspace Aachen
  • Hackerspace tour by TQ, Evils & qwaxys
    • Pixelbar
    • revspace (already in place)

A list of where Newline 2020 posters should be:[edit]

Please add your name if you're planning on doing one of these.

  • 36C3
  • Fosdem
  • CfgMgmtCamp

Please list where and who so we know who to contact if there were any questions.