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The big flaps at brussels[edit]

Flaps-at-useit.jpg Splitflap-construction.jpg

on vimeo[edit]

the miniflaps in the hackerspace[edit]

0x20 Flappers.jpg

you'll find them on 'flappers.0x20.be' or simply 'flappers' from within the space

the raspi driving the flappers runs the flapservice on port 1337, you can connect as follows:

  • interactive session using netcat
nc flappers 1337

once connected, hit enter and let the flappers explain how to interact with them, multiple people can connect at the same time.

  • sending a simple message:
echo "foo" | nc flappers 1337

more commands and special characters:

  • '$clear' you guessed it
  • '$iread foo' is used for callibration, eg. if the flaps read 'crt' but you just sent 'cat' then you need to send it '$iread crt' to straighten it out
  • '@@@@', the @ character is used for the special position that forms '0x20' with the four flaps, this is the standby position
  • lowercase is white, uppercase is red
  • '$quit' will shut down the pi, dont do that, just exit the interactive session using ctrl-c
  • theres no digits, and a few special characters, just try and see

initiating a shutdown on the pi will try and put the flaps on 4 blanks first