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A box with the best and most commonly used tools, all in 1 place.

Curated by Evils, and anyone else that uses it.
Only functional items and complete sets allowed.
Only intended for use at Hackerspace.Gent.


Any member can use it.
A table of content and a record of use should be included in the box.
If you take anything from it for more than an hour, record what you borrowed when, and for how long.
If you find anything missing, record what is missing and the date.
If consumables have been used up on space projects, buy replacement and file an expense note.
If used up on a personal project, buy replacement.
(only buy torx screws, preferably 3.5mm unless otherwise needed, preferably T15 or T20)


The box is a sunware 15L, 400x300x180mm.

spax torxs screws, T20, 3.5mm 16mm 30mm 50mm
facom screwdrivers PH1 slot 4mm
philips screwdrivers PH0 PH00
connex screwdriver slot 2.5mm
spax T20 bit
wiha 3801-01 with 3 PH bits and 3 slot bits (stubby handle)
metabo bit set (14 colour banded bits, bit holder and box)
bahco-sandvik 3m tape measure
pressol 100ml oil bottle "das öl das alles kann"
roll of electrical tape (black, 19mm)
pica permanent marker (chisel tip)
box cutter
side cutter (don't use it on steel wire)
WD-40 (450ml) (consider it a cleaning product, use the oil for lubrication)
duct tape (3M, 50mm*50m)
multimeter (ZT102)
3* glue (F) clamp (about 25cm reach, no plastic cover on fixed jaw)
zipties 102*2.5mm, ~300pcs 150*3mm, ~50pcs 225*3.5mm, ~100pcs
drill index 1-10mm 0.5mm steps (19 pcs) black box
wiha-xiaomi precision screwdriver set 24 bits (for low torque use)

wanted items[edit]

  • ductape (currently present but always needed)
  • scissors (re-assemblable)
  • pliers
    • needle nose
    • miniature
  • Really Useful Box, 12l, ~12 euro at AVA
  • dividers in the box