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Hack the Hackerspace is an initiative to hack the governance system of the hackerspace itself. It started as a number of workshops where we discussed the shortcomings of the governance system of the hackerspace and created a new system that addresses these issues.

Out of these workshops grew the Hackerspace Blueprint, a document describing how our hackerspace runs.

Hack the Hackerspace invitation[edit]

Hack the hackerspace

The hackerspace has a history, and is constantly evolving.
Past couple of years, the ongoing evolution, took (at least to us) a wrong way.
During "Hack the Hackerspace" we want to hack this evolution and make it go right again.
Stuff needs fixing.

What stuff, you might be asking yourself.
We're going to start by reviewing the base, and study the current state of affairs.
Many problems have been encountered in the past year, only on rare occasions some of them got solved.
This led to people disliking the current situation or even leaving the space.
We want to resolve this issue.

So who are we, and what are we going to do about it?
There is no we, there is us... you, me, the other guy or girl reading this...
We are going to solve this.

Our goal is to work out a structure and/or process where decisions can be made.

So there has been some brainstorming done ahead to prepare these sessions.
Many people can bring up problems, but apparently we are lacking an agreed decision making process 
to actively resolve this problem (and in a timely manner).
That's what this 'Hack the Hakerspace' is all about.
For example, decision making models could be consensus, voting, board, etc ... 
As a general repetition we can use these agreed on forms and processes to build a firm Code Of Conduct on.

Be aware that this is a workshop that'll be continued after newline.
So we're looking for participants that can bring value and effort to the table, and not only talk.



* kick-off during NewLine - 29/03/2014. As there is a lot to fix, follow-up meetings will be needed to finish the project.
* 2014/04/01: Hack_the_hackerspace_v0.2
* 2014/04/08: Hack_the_hackerspace_v0.3
* 2014/04/15: Hack_the_hackerspace_v0.4
* 2014/04/22: Hack_the_hackerspace_v0.5
* 2014/05/06: Hack_the_hackerspace_v0.6


Github is used to document and manage the outcome: https://github.com/0x20/hackerspace-blueprint