Hackerspace Blueprint

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What is it?[edit]

The hackerspace blueprint describes how hackerspace Gent works.

Do you want to know how to become a member? What a do-ocracy is and how meetings in this space work? The hackerspace blueprint explains that and much more.

Where can I get it?[edit]

You can find the source of the hackerspace blueprint on Github and you can download a PDF and epub version of the generated document.

You can also buy the hackerspace blueprint ebook version from the Amazon store. All proceedings are donated to Hackerspace Gent.


The hackerspace blueprint is created in the Hack The Hackerspace workshops. During many late-night discussions, we fleshed out the system for how to run a hackerspace and wrote it down with the working title of "hack the hackerspace". This eventually became "the hackerspace blueprint", a document that describes how to run a hackerspace in a way that brings out the best in people.